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  • Structure Determination by X-ray Crystallography: Analysis by X-rays and Neutrons (5th Edition)

Structure Determination by X-ray Crystallography: Analysis by X-rays and Neutrons (5th Edition)

5th Edition
Book Info
Year: 2013
Pages: 756
Language: English
DOI: 10.1007/978-1-4614-3954-7
ISBN: 9781461439561,9781461439547
TAG: Physics

The advances in and applications of x-ray and neutron crystallography form the essence of this new edition of this classic textbook, while maintaining the overall plan of the book that has been well received in the academic community since the first edition in 1977. X-ray crystallography is a universal tool for studying molecular structure, and the complementary nature of neutron diffraction crystallography permits the location of atomic species in crystals which are not easily revealed by X-ray techniques alone, such as hydrogen atoms or other light atoms in the presence of heavier atoms. Thus, a chapter discussing the practice of neutron diffraction techniques, with examples, broadens the scope of the text in a highly desirable way. As with previous editions, the book contains problems to illustrate the work of each chapter, and detailed solutions are provided. Mathematical procedures related to the material of the main body of the book are not discussed in detail, but are quoted where needed with references to standard mathematical texts. To address the computational aspect of crystallography, the suite of computer programs from the fourth edition has been revised and expanded. The programs enable the reader to participate fully in many of the aspects of x-ray crystallography discussed in the book. In particular, the program system XRAY* is interactive, and enables the reader to follow through, at the monitor screen, the computational techniques involved in single-crystal structure determination, albeit in two dimensions, with the data sets provided.

Exercises for students can be found int the book, and solutions are available to instructors.

Front Matter....Pages i-xxxv
Crystal Morphology and Crystal Symmetry....Pages 1-50
Lattices and Space-Group Theory....Pages 51-110
X-Rays and X-Ray Diffraction....Pages 111-159
Intensities and Intensity Statistics....Pages 161-186
Examination of Single Crystals: Optical and X-Ray Diffraction Practice....Pages 187-233
Fourier Series and Fourier Transforms....Pages 235-272
Fourier Techniques in X-Ray Structure Determination....Pages 273-349
Direct Methods and Refinement....Pages 351-438
Examples of Crystal Structure Determination....Pages 439-488
Proteins and Macromolecular X-Ray Analysis....Pages 489-548
Neutron Diffraction from Single Crystals....Pages 549-584
Powder Diffraction....Pages 585-634
Computer-Aided Crystallography....Pages 635-658
Back Matter....Pages 659-756

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