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  • Brain-Computer Interface Research: A State-of-the-Art Summary (1st Edition)

Brain-Computer Interface Research: A State-of-the-Art Summary (1st Edition)

Book Info
Year: 2013
Pages: 123
Language: English
Series: English
DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-36083-1
ISBN: 9783642360824,9783642360831
TAG: Computers

Brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) are rapidly developing into a mainstream, worldwide research endeavor. With so many new groups and projects, it can be difficult to identify the best ones. This book summarizes ten leading projects from around the world. About 60 submissions were received in 2011 for the highly competitive BCI Research Award, and an international jury selected the top ten. This Brief gives a concise but carefully illustrated and fully up-to-date description of each of these projects, together with an introduction and concluding chapter by the editors.

Front Matter....Pages i-vi
State of the Art in BCI Research: BCI Award 2011....Pages 1-5
An Auditory Output Brain–Computer Interface for Speech Communication....Pages 7-14
User-Appropriate and Robust Control Strategies to Enhance Brain−Computer Interface Performance and Usability....Pages 15-22
What’s Your Next Move? Detecting Movement Intention for Stroke Rehabilitation....Pages 23-37
A Review of Performance Variations in SMR-Based Brain−Computer Interfaces (BCIs)....Pages 39-51
Exploring the Cortical Dynamics of Learning by Leveraging BCI Paradigms....Pages 53-60
An Affective BCI Using Multiple ERP Components Associated to Facial Emotion Processing....Pages 61-72
Seven Degree of Freedom Cortical Control of a Robotic Arm....Pages 73-81
Utilizing High Gamma (HG) Band Power Changes as a Control Signal for Non-Invasive BCI....Pages 83-91
Towards a Speech BCI Using ECoG....Pages 93-110
Towards Communication in the Completely Locked-In State: Neuroelectric Semantic Conditioning BCI....Pages 111-118
Back Matter....Pages 119-123