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  • Search for the Ultimate Energy Source: A History of the U.S. Fusion Energy Program (1st Edition)

Search for the Ultimate Energy Source: A History of the U.S. Fusion Energy Program (1st Edition)

1st Edition
Book Info
Year: 2013
Pages: 264
Language: English
Series: English
DOI: 10.1007/978-1-4614-6037-4
ISBN: 9781461460367,9781461460374
TAG: Physics

Why has the clean, limitless energy promised by fusion always seemed just out of reach?

Search for the Ultimate Energy Source: A History of the U.S. Fusion Energy Program, explains the fundamentals and concepts behind fusion power, and traces the development of fusion historically by decade—covering its history as dictated by US government policies, its major successes, and its prognosis for the future. The reader will gain an understanding of how the development of fusion has been shaped by changing government priorities as well as other hurdles currently facing realization of fusion power.

Advance Praise for Search for the Ultimate Energy Source:

“Dr. Dean has been uniquely involved in world fusion research for decades and, in this book, describes the complicated realities like few others possibly could.”

-Robert L. Hirsch, a former director of the US fusion program, an Assistant Administrator of the US Energy Research and Development Administration (ERDA); an executive at Exxon, Arco, and the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI); and lead author of the book The Impending World Energy Mess (Apogee Prime Books, 2009).

“In this book, Dr. Dean provides the many reasons why fusion has progressed more slowly than many had hoped. Budget is usually cited as the culprit, but policy is equally to blame. Facilities have been closed down before their jobs were done—or in some cases, even started. It seems this situation has become endemic in fusion, and if one thinks about it, in other nationally important Science and Technology initiatives as well.”

-William R. Ellis, a former scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory, Associate Director of Research at the US Naval Research Laboratory, a vice president at Ebasco Services and at Raytheon, and chair of the US ITER Industry Council and the US ITER Industrial Consortium.

Front Matter....Pages i-xv
Fusion Fundamentals....Pages 1-10
Fusion Concepts....Pages 11-17
The Struggling Years: 1960s....Pages 19-26
The Glory Years: 1970s....Pages 27-59
The Carter Plan vs. The Reagan Agenda: 1980–1985....Pages 61-85
Successes and Disasters: 1985–1989....Pages 87-104
Hope for Resurgence: 1990–1995....Pages 105-123
Financial Tsunami: 1995–1999....Pages 125-147
The New Millennium: Science vs. Energy: 2000–2008....Pages 149-169
The Obama Administration: 2009–2012....Pages 171-192
Applications....Pages 193-197
Engineering Challenges....Pages 199-204
Energy....Pages 205-209
Perspectives 2012....Pages 211-232
The Ultimate Energy Source?....Pages 233-238
Back Matter....Pages 239-262

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