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LongEZ Aircraft Canard Pusher Journal Plan Revisions

Complete Canard Pusher Booklets for LongEZ OpenEZ Aircraftwithout reading and doing what is said , you cant be safe

LongEZ Aircraft Canard Pusher Journal Plan Revisions

LongEZ , OpenEZ , Canard Pusher booklets in text format , without images

LongEZ Aircraft Pilot Book POH

LongEZ, OpenEZ pilot book, POH

Classic British Propliners

Aeroplane Collectors’ Archive is a series of bookazines produced by a dedicated team of enthusiasts focusing on groups of aircraft from the history of aviation in a particularly close-up fashion. Featuring archive images alongside period cutaway diagrams, the intention is to take reader ‘inside’ the aircraft in the most literal ...

XCOR, Developing the Next Generation Spaceplane (1st Edition)

  • 2016 |
  • pdf |
  • 12.46MB |

Employing the same informational approach Erik Seedhouse used in "SpaceX" and "Bigelow Aerospace", this new book familiarizes space enthusiasts with the company XCOR Aerospace and examines the design of the two-seater Lynx. The new spaceplane's low weight and high octane fuel confer important advantages, such as direct runway la...

Recent Advances in Celestial and Space Mechanics (1st Edition)

This book presents recent advances in space and celestial mechanics, with a focus on the N-body problem and astrodynamics, and explores the development and application of computational techniques in both areas. It highlights the design of space transfers with various modes of propulsion, like solar sailing and low-thrust transfe...

Fundamentals of Aircraft and Rocket Propulsion (1st Edition)

This book provides a comprehensive basics-to-advanced course in an aero-thermal science vital to the design of engines for either type of craft. The text classifies engines powering aircraft and single/multi-stage rockets, and derives performance parameters for both from basic aerodynamics and thermodynamics laws. Each type of e...

Space Architecture Education for Engineers and Architects: Designing and Planning Beyond Earth (1st Edition)

This book considers two key educational tools for future generations of professionals with a space architecture background in the 21st century: (1) introducing the discipline of space architecture into the space system engineering curricula; and (2) developing space architecture as a distinct, complete training curriculum. Profe...

Experimenting on a Small Planet: A History of Scientific Discoveries, a Future of Climate Change and Global Warming (2nd Edition)

This book is a thorough introduction to climate science and global change. The author is a geologist who has spent much of his life investigating the climate of Earth from a time when it was warm and dinosaurs roamed the land, to today's changing climate. Bill Hay takes you on a journey to understand how the climate system works...