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Kenneth Leighton: A Bio-bibliography (Bio-Bibliographies in Music)

Kenneth Leighton, best known for his organ and sacred choral music, was a composer of great depth and talent who wrote a significant body of works. Many of those works were written for large orchestras and a significant number of pieces of chamber music were composed for a variety of instrument groupings, as well as for instrume...

Handbook of astrobiology (1st)

Astrobiology is defined as the study of the origin, evolution,distribution, and future of life in the universe (NASA’s definition;Des Marais et al. 2008). Astrobiology seeks to answerfundamental questions about the beginning and evolution oflife on Earth, possible existence of extraterrestrial life, andthe future of life on Eart...

Handbook of astrobiology

Biomolecular Crystallography (First)

A vida no limite - como o mundo quântico se comporta quando ninguém está olhando (1st Edition)

A vida no limite altera nosso entendimento sobre as dinâmicas fundamentais de nosso mundo. Apresentando experiências da vanguarda da ciência, Jim Al-Khalili e Johnjoe McFadden revelam que o ingrediente que nos falta é a mecânica quântica; os fenômenos da mais misteriosa das ciências.Guiando o leitor por descobertas recentes, os ...

Physics of the Human Body (2nd Edition)

This book comprehensively addresses the physics and engineering aspects of human physiology by using and building on first-year college physics and mathematics. Topics include the mechanics of the static body and the body in motion, the mechanical properties of the body, muscles in the body, the energetics of body metabolism, fl...

The Physical Basis of Bacterial Quorum Communication (1st Edition)

Quorum sensing (QS) describes a chemical communication behavior that is nearly universal among bacteria. Individual cells release a diffusible small molecule (an autoinducer) into their environment. A high concentration of this autoinducer serves as a signal of high population density, triggering new patterns of gene expression ...

Surface Coating and Modification of Metallic Biomaterials (1st Edition)

  • Cuie Wen |
  • 2015 |
  • pdf |
  • 24.30MB |
  • 448pages

Despite advances in alternative materials, metals are still the biomaterial of choice for a number of clinical applications such as dental, orthopedic and cardiac implants. However, there are a number of intrinsic problems associated with implanting metal in the biological environment, such as wear, corrosion, biocompatibility a...

The Relativistic Brain: How it works and why it cannot be simulated by a Turing machine (1.1)

In this monograph, a mathematician and a neurobiologist join forces to address one of the most crucial and controversial scientific questions of our times: can the exquisite capacities of the human brain be simulated by any digital computer? By combining mathematical, computational, neurobiological and evolutionary arguments, Ro...