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Thoughtful Machine Learning with Python: A Test-Driven Approach (1st Edition)

Gain the confidence you need to apply machine learning in your daily work. With this practical guide, author Matthew Kirk shows you how to integrate and test machine learning algorithms in your code, without the academic subtext.Featuring graphs and highlighted code examples throughout, the book features tests with Python’s Nump...

Advanced Penetration Testing. Hacking the World’s Most Secure Networks (1st Edition)

Build a better defense against motivated, organized, professional attacksAdvanced Penetration Testing: Hacking the World's Most Secure Networks takes hacking far beyond Kali Linux and Metasploit to provide a more complex attack simulation. Featuring techniques not taught in any certification prep or covered by common defensive s...

Handbook of Research on Applied Cybernetics and Systems Science

In the digital era, novel applications and techniques in the realm of computer science are increasing constantly. These innovations have led to new techniques and developments in the field of cybernetics. The Handbook of Research on Applied Cybernetics and Systems Science is an authoritative reference publication for the latest ...

Python Data Analytics With Pandas, NumPy, and Matplotlib

Explore the latest Python tools and techniques to help you tackle the world of data acquisition and analysis. You'll review scientific computing with NumPy, visualization with matplotlib, and machine learning with scikit-learn. This revision is fully updated with new content on social media data analysis, image analysis with Ope...

Foundations of Quantum Programming (1st Edition)

Foundations of Quantum Programming discusses how new programming methodologies and technologies developed for current computers can be extended to exploit the unique power of quantum computers, which promise dramatic advantages in processing speed over currently available computer systems. Governments and industries around the g...

The Beauty of Mathematics in Computer Science (1st Edition)

  • Jun Wu |
  • 2018 |
  • pdf |
  • 3.54MB |
  • 284pages

The Beauty of Mathematics in Computer Science explains the mathematical fundamentals of information technology products and services we use every day, from Google Web Search to GPS Navigation, and from speech recognition to CDMA mobile services. The book was published in Chinese in 2011 and has sold more than 600,000 copies. Rea...

Practical Cyber Intelligence: How action-based intelligence can be an effective response to incidents (Paperback)

Your one stop solution to implement a Cyber Defense Intelligence program in to your organisation.Key FeaturesIntelligence processes and procedures for response mechanismsMaster F3EAD to drive processes based on intelligenceThreat modeling and intelligent frameworksCase studies and how to go about building intelligent teamsBook D...

Кибернетика и демократическое управление экономикой

  • Coll. |
  • 2017 |
  • pdf |
  • 6.74MB |
  • 93pages

Книга посвящена разработкам кибернетической научной школы и возможностям их применения в новых социально-экономических и технологических условиях. Показана история создания и причины нереализованности проекта Общегосударственной автоматизированной системы учёта и обработки информации (ОГАС). Предложен новый социокибернетический ...

Humanoid Robotics: A Reference (1st ed.)

Humanoid Robotics provides a comprehensive compilation of developments in the conceptualization, design and development of humanoid robots and related technologies. Human beings have built the environment they occupy (living spaces, instruments and vehicles) to suit two-legged systems. Building systems, especially in robotics, t...