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Digital Watermarks

Digital Signatures (1st Edition)

Digital Signatures is the first comprehensive account of the theoretical principles and techniques used in the design of provably secure signature schemes. In addition to providing the reader with a better understanding of the security guarantees provided by digital signatures, the book also contains full descriptions and detail...

Digital Watermarking for Digital Media

Digital Watermarking for Digital Media discusses the new aspects of digital watermarking in a worldwide context. Approached not only from the technical side, but the business and legal sides as well, this book discusses digital watermarking as it relates to many areas of digital media. Broad in its approach, Digital Watermarking...

Intelligent Watermarking Techniques with Source Code (Innovative Intelligence Volume 7)

Watermarking techniques involve the concealment of information within a text or images and the transmission of this information to the receiver with minimum distortion. This is a very new area of research. The techniques will have a significant effect on defence, business, copyright protection and other fields where information ...

Sweet Dream Baby

  • Watson |
  • 2004 |
  • pdf |
  • 843.61KB |
  • 352pages

Sent to live in the humidity of rural Florida with his grandparents and his sixteen-year-old Aunt Delia for the summer, twelve-year-old Travis becomes absorbed in the closed ways of small-town life. Captivated by Delia, Travis watches her attempt to find a place for herself in the socially stunted, gossip-driven town. Delia’s se...

Techniques and Applications of Digital Watermarking and Content Protection (2nd edition)

Experts with the Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics in Darmstadt, Germany not only introduce digital watermarking and related media-specific security techniques, but also the intellectual property protection context in which such methods are applied. They also discuss the limitations of current technologies and future re...

Основы современной криптографии для специалистов в информационных технологиях

В монографии изложены основные подходы и методы современной криптографии для решения задач, возникающих при обработке, хранении и передаче информации. Основное внимание уделено новым направлениям криптографии, связанным с обеспечением конфиденциальности взаимодействий пользователей компьютеров и компьютерных сетей. Рассмотрены о...