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Прилов морских птиц и млекопитающих на дрифтерном промысле лососей в северо-западной части Тихого океана = Accidental by-catch of marine birds and mammals in the salmon gillnet fishery in the northwestern Pacific Ocean

В книге изложена история возникновения и развития морского дрифтерного лова лососей в северо-западной части Тихого океан. Рассмотрено современное состояние дрифтерного промысла в исключительной экономической зоне (ИЭЗ) Российской Федерации и его роль в изучении и освоении запасов лососей. Описаны порядок проведения промысла и си...

Northern Pike : Ecology, Conservation, and Management History

The northern pike—sometimes affectionately known as the “aquatic wolf”—is one of the most sought after and mythologized fishes in Minnesota, but until now there have been few books devoted to the history and ecological management of the species. Based on pioneering research carried out in Minnesota by leading pike specialist Rod...

A complete protocol for the preparation of chondrichthyan skeletal specimens

The skeleton of cartilaginous fishes is notoriously difficult to prepare, and the literature dealing with the subject is extremely rare compared to other vertebrate groups. As a result, chondrichthyan skeletal specimens held in museums and other scientific institutions are often limited to isolated sets of jaws, taxidermised spe...

Филогенетические связи ленков рода Brachymystax (Salmonidae, Salmoniformes) и особенности их видообразования

Монография представляет собой текст диссертации, защищенной в 2003 г. В работе с помощью сравнительно-генетического и сравнительно-морфологического методов проанализированы филогенетические связи и характер внутриродовой дифференциации ленков рода Brachymystax. Построена схема филогении мтДНК представителей основных эволюционных...

Reported Incidences of Parasitic Infections in Marine Mammals from 1892 to 1978

The role of parasites in the lives and deaths of marine mammals has been scrutinized by biologists for decades, but the scientific literature prior to 1978 has been difficult to acquire and time-consuming to search. Now this new and extensive bibliography gives researchers a convenient resource for reviewing the classical litera...

Nutrient Requirements of Fish and Shrimp

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Aquaculture now supplies half of the seafood and fisheries products consumed worldwide and is gaining international significance as a source of food and income. Future demands for seafood and fisheries products can only be met by expanded aquaculture production. Such production will likely become more intensive and will depend i...