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Ceres Cum altoim pomii

grafting fruit trees

The Science of Gardening

Square Foot Gardening: Growing Perfect Vegetables: A Visual Guide to Raising and Harvesting Prime Garden Produce

Square Foot Gardening is the most popular alternate gardening method in the world, and this new title is a terrific addition to the SFG family. Growing Perfect Vegetables gets to the root of what every gardener wants: perfect produce, and lots of it.Whether you grow in a Square Foot Garden, a straw bale garden, containers, or a ...

Шиповник, клюква и другие редкие культуры сада

Книга доктора сельскохозяйственных наук В.С. Ильина обращает внимание на нетрадиционные садовые культуры. Это своеобразная энциклопедия шиповника, клюквы, брусники и других редких культур, где собраны практически все научные знания, а также реальный опыт. Книга адресована как начинающим садоводам, так и тем, кто имеет сложившеес...

Letter to a Young Farmer: How to Live Richly without Wealth on the New Garden Farm

Foreword by Wendell BerryFor more than four decades, the self-described “contrary farmer” and writer Gene Logsdon has commented on the state of American agriculture. In Letter to a Young Farmer, his final book of essays, Logsdon addresses the next generation―young people who are moving back to the land to enjoy a better way of l...

Beekeeping For Dummies (4th Edition)

Everything you need to 'bee' a successful backyard beekeeper If you've ever thought about becoming a backyard beekeeper—or have already tried a hand at it and want to be better one—then this is the book for you! In Beekeeping for Dummies, 4th Edition you'll find everything you need to know in order to start your own colony, incl...

Gardening Australia 2016-12

Gardening: Hydroponics – Learn the "Amazing Art" of Growing: Fruits, Vegetables, & Herbs, without Soil

New, Updated and Expanded - 2nd Edition. Now packed with even more information.Grow Fresh Fruits and Vegetables at Home!Are you curious about hydroponics?Would you like access to delicious, natural treats all year round?Do you want to learn the art of growing plants without soil and sunlight?With Gardening: Hydroponics – Learn t...