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Industry Metallurgy

Pulvermetallurgie: Technologien und Werkstoffe (VDI-Buch) 2. Auflage (2., bearb. und erw. Aufl.)

Die Pulvermetallurgie bietet f?r beliebige Komponenten Verbundtechniken und -werkstoffe an, die der Schmelzmetallurgie versagt sind. Unter diesen Gesichtspunkten werden die wichtigsten Verfahren der Gewinnung, Aufbereitung und Charakterisierung der Pulver, deren Formgebung zu Halbzeugen und Konstruktionsteilen behandelt. Die Tec...

Extractive Metallurgy of Copper, 4th Edition (4 Sub)

This new edition has been extensively revised and updated since the 3rd edition published in 1994. It contains an even greater depth of industrial information, focussing on how copper metal is extracted from ore and scrap, and how this extraction could be made more efficient. Modern high intensity smelting processes are presente...

Chrysokamino I: The Metallurgy Workshop and its Territory (Hesperia Supplement 36)

This detailed report describes archaeological fieldwork conducted between 1995 and 1997 in rural northeast Crete. Excavations were made in two locations: a metallurgy workshop (abandoned in EM III) and a nearby rural habitation site, perhaps a farmhouse (used until LM III). An intensive survey of the vicinity revealed other acti...

Fundamentals of Metallurgy

The Solidificaton of Metals

Fundamentos de manufactura moderna

Cotton: The Fabric That Made the Modern World

Today's world textile and garment trade is valued at a staggering $425 billion. We are told that under the pressure of increasing globalisation, it is India and China that are the new world manufacturing powerhouses. However, this is not a new phenomenon: until the industrial revolution, Asia manufactured great quantities of col...