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SCSI Enclosure Services - 4 (SES-4 r02) (r02)

This standard describes a model for Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) access to services within an enclosure. A SCSI command set is defined for managing various non-SCSI elements contained within the enclosure.

SCSI/ATA Translation - 5 (SAT-5 r01a) (r01a)

This standard provides a common set of definitions and requirements to establish common behavior among implementations that emulate SCSI device behavior through the combined use of ATA devices and a SCSI / ATA Translation Layer (SATL). The SATL may reside in a host-based software or firmware, or it may reside in a separate compo...

SCSI Stream Commands - 5 (SSC-5 r04b) (r04b)

This standard specifies the external behavior of a device server that defines itself as a sequential-access device in the PERIPHERAL DEVICE TYPE field of the standard INQUIRY data. This device type is known as a stream device. This standard conforms to SCSI Architecture Model - 4 (T10/1683-D).

SCSI Zoned Block Commands - 2 (ZBC-2 r01b) (r01b)

This purpose of this standard is to define the model and command set extensions to be used in conjunction with the SCSI Primary Command Set standard – 5 (SPC-5) and the SCSI Block Commands - 4 (SBC-4) to facilitate operation of zoned block devices.

SCSI Primary Commands - 5 (SPC-5 r19) (r19)

The SCSI command set is designed to provide efficient peer-to-peer operation of SCSI devices (e.g., disks, tapes, media changers) by an operating system. The SCSI command set assumes an underlying command-response protocol.The SCSI command set provides multiple operating systems concurrent control over one or more SCSI devices. ...

Serial Attached SCSI - 4 (SAS-4 r10b) (r10b)

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The SCSI family of standards provides for many different transport protocols that define the rules for exchanging information between different SCSI devices. This standard specifies the functional requirements for the Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) physical interconnect, which is compatible with the Serial ATA physical interconnect....

SAS Protocol Layer - 5 (SPL-5 r06) (r06)

This standard defines the three transport protocols that use the SAS interconnect (see SAS-4):a) Serial SCSI Protocol (SSP): a mapping of SCSI supporting multiple initiators and multiple targets;b) Serial ATA Tunneled Protocol (STP): a mapping of Serial ATA expanded to support multiple initiators and multiple targets; andc) Seri...

pfSense 2.x Cookbook: Manage and maintain your network using pfSense (2nd Edition)

pfSense is an open source distribution of the FreeBSD-based firewall that provides a platform for flexible and powerful routing and firewalling. The versatility of pfSense presents us with a wide array of configuration options, which makes determining requirements a little more difficult and a lot more important compared to other...

Big Data and Software Defined Networks

Big Data Analytics and Software Defined Networking (SDN) are helping to drive the management of data and usage of the extraordinary increase of computer processing power provided by Cloud Data Centres (CDCs). SDN helps CDCs run their services more efficiently by enabling managers to configure, manage, secure, and optimize the ne...