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Oil and Gas Technologies

Petroleum Production Technology

Handbook of Natural Gas Analysis (1st Edition)

Handbook of Natural Gas Analysis is a comprehensive guide that includes information on the origin and analysis of natural gas, the standard test methods, and procedures that help with the predictability of gas composition and behavior during gas cleaning operations and use. The author—a noted expert on the topic—also explores th...

Principles of Applied Reservoir Simulation (4th edition)

Reservoir engineers today need to acquire more complex reservoir management and modeling skills. Principles of Applied Reservoir Simulation, Fourth Edition, continues to provide the fundamentals on these topics for both early and seasoned career engineers and researchers.Principles of Applied Reservoir Simulation, Fourth Edition...

Petroleum Drilling Technology

Introduction to Petroleum Engineering

Presents key concepts and terminology for a multidisciplinary range of topics in petroleum engineeringFor the foreseeable future, oil and gas will continue to be a key source of energy for a global energy infrastructure that is designed to use fossil energy, and petroleum engineering will continue to be an essential skill set fo...