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Pediatric Primary Care: Practice Guidelines for Nurses (4th Edition)

Pediatric Primary Care: Practice Guidelines for Nurses, Fourth Edition is a comprehensive resource for well-child management and acute care management of childhood illnesses in a primary care setting. Written by practicing experts, this text is intended for advanced practice nursing students as a quick reference guide once they ...

Rudolph’s Pediatrics (23th Edition)

LEFTOPIA(final revision)

  • M.A.V.V. |
  • 2018 |
  • pdf |
  • 1.25MB |
  • 74pages

This book may shock some readers to their very core. While I chose to remain anonymous, I will not deny that it includes some scenes of very questionable morality, including, yes it is true, a bit of explicit child rape. But let nobody accuse me of being evil's apologist, for this book is fiction only, I´m not responsible of wha...

Pediatric Ophthalmology (2nd)

Developed at Philadelphia’s world-renowned Wills Eye Hospital, the Color Atlas and Synopsis of Clinical Ophthalmology series covers the most clinically relevant aspects of ophthalmology in a highly visual, easy-to-use format. Vibrant, full-color photos and a consistent outline structure present a succinct, high-yield approach to...

Pediatric emergency medicine

Caring for children in the emergency department (ED) is both rewarding and challenging. Children have a tremendous ability to remind us about the importance of our role in the medical care environment. They provide us the opportunity to make critical interventions when they are the most impactful. They also remind us of the huma...