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Water Treatment

Constructed Wetlands for Industrial Wastewater Treatment (Challenges in Water Management Series) (1st Edition)

Constructed Wetlands for Industrial Wastewater Treatment contains a review of the state-of-the-art applications of constructed wetland technology for industrial wastewater treatment. This green technology offers many economic, environmental, and societal advantages. The text examines the many unique uses and the effectiveness of...

The Italian Water Industry: Cases of Excellence (1st)

This book describes the water sector as it is structured in Italy, presenting innovative engineering, financial and managerial solutions implemented by the Italian water sector, through the experiences of its major stakeholders. The main themes addressed include water regulation, financing infrastructures, economic performance o...

Environment and Pollution in Colonial India: Sewerage Technologies along the Sacred Ganges

  • J., Wilhelm |
  • 2016 |
  • epub |
  • 673.75KB |
  • 208pages

India is facing a river pollution crisis today. The origins of this crisis are commonly traced back to post-Independence economic development and urbanisation. This book, in contrast, shows that some important early roots of India’s river pollution problem, and in particular the pollution of the Ganges, lie with British colonial...